Theatre of the Winged Unicorn Inc.

                NEXT PERFORMANCE

                                                                  OCTOBER 2022

                                                             WATCH THIS SPACE

           for news of something stylish, funny, witty and thoroughly enjoyable.

   Information to be released early JULY. Lets just get through Winter which is our time for preparation and planning. Can’t wait to welcome you all again to Theatre of the Winged Unicorn at  Ceres.

Ceres Temperance Hall (circa 1862)                                Ceres Temperance Hall (circa 1862)

People interested in the work of this unique theatre company can request to be on the mailing list and be informed of future productions, performances and exhibitions by emailing Elaine at

For people interested in the artists (actors or musicians)  for  functions or events please email the above address.


Looking East from the Hall

Barrabool Hills  – Ceres