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The Importance of  Being Earnest May 2019:
Theatre of the Winged Unicorn was proud to present Oscar Wilde’s final and greatest play, The Importance of Being Earnest, in May 2019. An effervescent study of marriage, morality and cucumber sandwiches, Earnest has delighted audiences since its premiere at the St James’ Theatre, London in 1895. With a set designed and built by the inimitable Pett family, and a cast full of Unicorn favourites, this Elaine Mitchell production brought Wilde’s wit and wisdom to the Ceres Temperance Hall stage. Audiences delighted in triviality and indulge in a spot of Bunburying with this sharp and stylish production – after all, in matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing!

Featured Ben Mitchell, Alard Pett, Miriam Wood, Jocelyn Mackay, Stacey Carmichael, Allister Cox, Marylin Nash, David Keele and Davydd Marrie.  Directed and produced by Elaine Mitchell.

Ceres Temperance Hall (circa 1862)                                Ceres Temperance Hall (circa 1862)[/caption]

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Looking East from the Hall

Barrabool Hills  – Ceres